Event Coordinator / Program Chair

bettythomasSister Betty Thomas

Sis. Betty Thomas serves as the Event Coordinator /Program Chair for the North Carolina State Council. Her duties as the Event coordinator include but are not limited to: making onsite hotel visits prior to each Council session and meetings with hotel personnel who she will work with throughout the duration of the Council session. With the assistance of the hotel personnel, Sis. Thomas arranges for room space and logistics needed for seminars, workshops and plenary sessions. She offers suggestions and recommendations for food menus and assists in the planning of food functions requested by Auxiliary leaders.

In addition to the Event Coordination duties, Sis Thomas chairs the NCSC Program Committee. She works closely with Auxiliary leaders who are responsible for providing program plans that will be included in a complete program booklet. She is responsible for setting due dates based on her assessment and coordination with the printers to ensure submissions of the program is timely. She believes the function of a program chair requires a team effort and all involved must be adaptable, be an effective communicator and strive for the spirit of Excellence.

On the National level, Sis. Thomas serves as the International Director for the International Christian Education Association ( ICEA), Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. In this role, she reports directly to the President of the ICEA and is responsible for providing general advice and direction to all Regional Directors and their Boards. She is responsible for providing Christian Education training using innovative training techniques at annual conventions and conferences.

Her favorite scripture (Galatians 6:9) is the foundation of her motto: “QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION”.